FOR SALE : White Sugar Cane Per Metric Ton Cost $550

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Mr Scott Gotze

FASHANKO SUGAR COMPANY is an international trading company specialize in suplies of Brazilian Sugar Icumsa 45. We ships Sugar in 50kb bag either in Containers load or through vessel of 25,000MT minimum via our Principal supplier. We are Seller Authorized Mandate to a Nigeria Allocation Holder Company who has extensively secured, signed and developed supply contracts with the biggest Sugar Refineries in Brazil. This allows us to fulfill our client s requirements at the most competitive prices in the markets outside of the major trading houses.
We feel that Pure Cane Sugar Products consumers value a moderately priced, real extra Pure Cane Sugar Products as an alternative to the poor quality, over priced products that have saturated the market but that are adulterated with pomade.

At our website we provide an extensive Health/Fraud resource page that documents the health benefits of extra Pure Cane Sugar Products as well as the pervasive fraud that exists in the market. We also have a documentary style video on the Media page that shows the the entire process from harvest to bottling to alphabetization.

We have distribution in Nigeria and seek to explore relationships with food importers & distributors in the US. Our labeling is attractive, pricing very moderate. As producers we are also a guaranteed source of supply.

I would like to express my appreciation to the owner and members of this forum for the opportunity to join and I look forward to participating in it with you.

WE ARE THE PRODUCER Quantity: Minimum order - 4 MT per shipment WE OFFER FREE SAMPLES BUT YOU ARE ONLY GOING TO PAY FOR FREIGTH TO YOUR DOORSTEP Maximum order - 25,000 MT per shipment
Date of First Delivery: By agreement in Contract Delivery Method: Bulk by vessel, ship to tank ETC DELIVERY TIME ......3 TO 5 WEEKS SAMPLES DELIVERY TIME ......WITHIN 48 HOURS Packing: IN CUSTOMER PREFFERED METHOD Price:$250 USD per Metric Ton,
Payment:L/C, T/T ( Bank Transfer ), WIRE TRANSFER Inspection:
The quality and Quantity of Goods will be confirmed for each shipment on a certificate issued by the SGS at discharge port at buyers account which shall be binding on both parties in all respects.


There are 3 types of sugar:
polyols (sugar replacers)

There are 3 types of Monosaccharides (simple sugars):
Glucose (found in fruits and vegetables and is the form of sugar absorbed by the human blood stream)
Fructose (found in fruits and vegetables)
Galactose (found in cow s milk)

There are 3 types of Disaccharides (combination of 2 Monosaccharides):
Sucrose (Glucose + Fructose), known as refined table sugar but also occurs naturally in plants
Lactose (Glucose + Galactose), known as milk sugar
Maltose (Glucose + Glucose), know as malt sugar

Sugar is a carbohydrate and is produced by various fruits and vegetables and is produced through photosynthesis. Sugar itself is not a significant source of vitamins andminerals. Rather, sugar is utilized for its ability to enhance the taste of food. Sucrose (C12 H22 O11) is the form of sugar that is found in common, white table sugar. Glucose s formula is C6 H12 O6

Dextrose is produced from vegetable sugars and is used as a sweetener in food production and in the fermentation process.

Fructose is a monosaccharide, which has a high sweetness and low viscosity and is used as a substitute for sucrose in food production. In addition to corn as a source of production, fructose can also be produced from concentrated fruit juices.

Sugar Cultivation

Sugar comes from 2 different sources:

both which produce a high amount of sugar compared to other fruits and vegetables. Sugar cane and sugar beet production are affected to a large extent by weather, disease, insects, quality of soil and proper cultivation, as well as international trade agreements and price support programs. There is no difference in the sugar (sucrose) produced from either sugarbeets or cane.


Raw Brown Sugar Per Metric Ton Cost $300
Brown Raw Cane Sugar Per Metric Ton Cost $350
White Sugar Per Metric Ton Cost $500
White Sugar Cane Per Metric Ton Cost $550
Low Sugar Yeast Per Metric Ton Cost $1,800
Dry Instant Yeast High Sugar Per Metric Ton Cost $1,500
Fresh Honey Sugar Per Metric Ton Cost $1,650

Quick Details
Product Type: Sugar Type: Granulated Sugar Form: Solid
Processing Type: Refined Color: White Packaging: Bag, Bottle, Box, Bulk, Can (Tinned)...
ICUMSA: 45 Brix (%): 99.9% Purity (%): 99%
Certification: SGS Weight (kg): 50 Shelf Life: 2 YEARS
Place of Origin: georgia and russian Brand Name: sea Model Number: ICUMSA 45
Primary Ingredient: Cane Sugar Radiation: Normal with NO presence of cesium or... Smell: Free of any odour
Solubility: 100% Moisture: 0.04% Max Ash Content: 0.04%
Reducing Sugar: 0.05% Maximum by Weight SO2: 20 PPM Magnetic Particles: 4mg/kg Max
Sulphur Dioxide: 20mg/kg Min
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: As per the customer request
Delivery Detail: 20 Days
White refined sugar icumsa below 100
Crop :2012
Granulation : Fine
Color: Sparkling White
Solubility:100% dry and free flow

Specification :-
* Commodity:white and brown crystallized sugar refined sugar S-30
* Icumsa : Below 100
* Method:10
* Polarization: min .99.80%
* Moisture: max 0.08%
* Ash max :0.1%
* Solubility :100.0% dry and free flowing
* Granulation : fine
* Color: sparkling white
* Crop :2011
* Radiation : nil
* Smell free of any smell
* Packing :50kgs nett , new seaworthy polypropylene (PP) bags, polyethylene(PE) lined

Mr Scott Gotze

Contact Mr Scott Gotze: FOR SALE : White Sugar Cane Per Metric Ton Cost $550





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