Polygraph Testing: Pre-employment/Periodics/specific crime

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Dear Employer,

The benefits of effective pre-employment screening to your company or
business and your client entail the following:

  • Reduce the risk of appointing an employee not
    suitable for appointment due to, for instance, past involvement in
    criminal activity, tendency to criminal behaviour, falsified educational
    credentials, etc.
  • An expedient and effective appointment
  • Improve appointment precision.
  • Minimize incidence and cost of theft, losses,
    absenteeism or other conduct that may pose a threat to the company or
  • Ensure that employees that are appointed do
    have the necessary skills to perform the tasks associated with their job

Regular vetting of personnel by means of polygraph examination is an
effective, expedient and cost effective tool to ensure personnel integrity. To
this end
, Polygraph Vetting Services has
the capability and expertise to conduct polygraph examination in respect of job
seekers as well as existing employees of your company.

Please contact Magda Weideman for further information.

Contact Magda: Polygraph Testing: Pre-employment/Periodics/specific crime

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